Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Florist Meetup Holland - 2019 January 20 at Van den Berg Roses

On Sunday 20th January many members of the the Dutch florist community “Bloemisten Netwerk” convened at Van den Berg Roses to learn more about this rose grower and roses production in general.

These florist meetups are organised by Masterflorist (De Vakbloemist in Holland) and the local florist community to promote florists gathering in a cozy and informative setting, eating and drinking together, exchanging ideas with each other, learning new design skills and being inspired.

Designers Marco Appelfeller and Sandra Attema Welte entertained and educated with floral design demonstrations with flowers from partners and sponsors.  Selected Master Florist partners were present to show and inform florists as well as offering samples and other goodies for florists to take home.

The event is ticketed for florists and invited industry partners only. Around 100 florists attended in person, with live video and photos being widely shared in the community of nearly 4000 Dutch florists - the largest Dutch florist group on Facebook, various International Floristry communities extending the reach to around 50'000 florists on Facebook, as well as the “masterflorists” Instagram account that soon hits 100’000 largely florist followers.

Industry partners present were:

  • OASIS Floral Products
    Dümmen Orange
  • Danziger, Van der Lugt Lisianthus, Ben van der Kooij, Zeurniet, Charmelia (Royal van Zanten), coasTulip
  • Selecta One, Miss Sunshine (Klondike), EMC, G. van der Vijver en Zn. Bloemengroothandel

The next florist meeting is already being planned, please follow us: Master Florist (Facebook) (De Vakbloemist (Facebook), or on LinkedIn: Master Florist (LinkedIn)

For more images of the event please visit our google photo album. Feel free to make use of the images and tag or link to us where possible please.


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