Thursday, 27 September 2018

Florist meetup Netherlands - 23 September 2018 at Gerbera United

On Sunday 23rd September many members of the the Dutch florist community “Bloemisten Netwerk” convened at Gerbera United and Ben van der Kooij to learn more about these two growers and gerberas and orchids in general.

These florist meetups are organised by Masterflorist (De Vakbloemist in Holland) and the local florist community to promote florists gathering in a cozy and informative setting, eating and drinking together, exchanging ideas with each other, learning new design skills and being inspired.

Designers Pascal de Laat and Thijs Harmens entertained and educated with floral design demonstrations with flowers from partners and sponsors.  Selected Master Florist partners were present to show and inform florists as well as offering samples and other goodies for florists to take home.

 The event is ticketed for florists and invited industry partners only. More than 50 florists attended in person, with live video and photos being widely shared in the community of nearly 4000 Dutch florists, the largest florist group on Facebook, as well as the “masterflorists” instagram account that boasts 70’000 mainly florist followers.

Industry partners present were:

  • OASIS Floral Products, Dümmen Orange, Florist Holland
  • Anthura, Van der Lugt Lisianthus, J de Koning bloemengroothandel, Selecta one, Duif International
  • Chrysal, Beyond Chrysant, Berg RoseS, Amigo Plant, Royal Flowers

The next florist meeting is already being planned and is looking “rosey”.