Monday, 31 July 2017

Flower Factor and Master Florist commence a strategic cooperation.

Today Flower Factor - a company specializing in floral inspiration and education and Master Florist (De Vakbloemist in Netherlands) - a movement of florists, for florists, announce they will begin a strategic cooperation with the goal of empowering and profiling florists worldwide with skills and inspirational material.

Pim van den Akker of Flower Factor said the new cooperation “Would help bring Flower Factor’s educational and inspirational resources to more florists and realise wide ranging benefits to the industry in general

Mark Doyle and Jan Huisman of Master Florist believe the cooperation “Will help florists internationally have better access to quality educational and inspirational material and fits perfectly with our -Growing Together- vision for florists and industry partners”.  “This brings value to florists within our movement”.

Flower Factor and Master Florist share many of the same values and both are very enthusiastic to promote values such as design, skills, creativity and inspiration, education that they believe are crucial factors for a strong and vibrant future of floristry.

Flower Factor - Pim van den Akker
Pim van den Akker is a renowned Dutch floral designer and founder of Flower Factor, an international platform to inspire and educate florists worldwide. For more inspiration, How to make videos, masterclasses by Pim van den Akker and information please visit or find us on YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.


Master Florist - Mark Doyle and Jan Huisman
Prominent florist advocates Jan Huisman & Mark Doyle are responsible for many vibrant florist communities internationally that can be found on They also founded the the site and related tools and services to bring florists more together and promote skill, design, quality and service aspects with business scale.

Flower Factor brings excellence in design, inspiration, education, storytelling and branding with a goal to help the entire flower industry bloom.

Master Florist brings vibrant florist communities, florist profiling, large international membership and reach.  With a focus on “for the florist” and a growing together approach for the whole industry and all players Master Florist has gained the trust of Florists and works closely with other industry partners such a growers, breeders, wholesalers and service providers to advance the interest and success of florists and floristry in general.


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