Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kings and Queens of Flowers!

These days there is no space in floristry for "just being a florist"(or the average). So why not starting with making the difference today!? Hold your horses when you have the feeling you're working hard but earn close or below zero...
"Decide your Destiny"
Your mission-statement should become! 
Or; let's become the local King or Queen of flowers cause Quality is King..Write it down on paper and hang it above your bed or put a memo on your PC. Then start to sleep, eat and repeat!...If you don't now which direction you are going..STOP inmediately...Wind will naturally blow fromout any direction and will not certainly guide you to the right destination.
"The definition of me"
Start about thinking who you are as a florist and person. Create your own vision and perspective on the things you will do on a daily base. Start searching for yourself in a digital moodboard, create a style(s) and translate this into off/online expressions in your shop. In the best practice your style and personality will become a well-known brand and community. This part is incredible important these make up your mind...
Choose or be choosen!
The next weeks i will follow up with some examples around the different possibilities in businessmodels for florists. Pro's and cons..
Hope i it will bring some common sense amongst a lot of florists....
Let's grow this thing together!